Super Squirrel Super Squirrel Super Squirrel Super Squirrel
Super Squirrel Super Squirrel Super Squirrel Super Squirrel

Super Squirrel


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We love fishing streamers here at BRF, and we always have a healthy selection of smaller streamers in our boxes for those days when fish are less aggressive and unwilling to chase larger patterns. Aaron has been developing the Super Squirrel over the last few seasons, looking for a simple, effective pattern that, when tied in a few different colors, would cover most any fishing situation. The pattern you see here is the result, and it is a fly we are very happy to have in stock this season!


The olive version is quite possibly the most versatile, taking fish on the strip or dead-drifted on the river to mimic a sculpin, or fished in stillwater as a damsel nymph pattern. The natural version works well dead-drifted, too, and it's also killer stripped or swung during early season high water on rivers like the Firehole and Madison. The orange and claret versions are designed to be fished on the swing for big fall pre-spawn fish on waters like the Madison in the park; both color schemes are well-known triggers for aggressive migratory fish, and Aaron says these two flies have taken more fall runners for him over the last few falls than any other. No matter how you fish them, though, we're confident the Super Squirrels will prove as effective for you as they have for us.


Best of all, the Super Squirrel is simple and quick to tie, and quite durable, too, so you can spend less time at the vise and more time on the water. If you are interested in tying the Super Squirrel, click here to check out our How To video.

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