Plan C Caddis
Plan C Caddis

Plan C Caddis


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As much as we all love fishing dries here at BRF, there are times when the fish don't want to come up, and you just have to go subsurface to where the action is at. We frequently encounter this situation during summer afternoons and early evenings, when the mid-day hatches have ended and the evening caddis emergence hasn't yet gotten underway. On these occasions, we often turn to a caddis pupa pattern, since trout will start to look for these pupa to get active in the hours before the hatch begins. 


The Plan C Caddis, designed by Randy Hanner, is a great pattern for such situations. The tungsten bead will get the fly down if you want to nymph it along the bottom, which is a highly productive way to fish it. The partridge collar also gives it a nice wet fly action, and we've had great success fishing it on the swing as well. No matter how you fish it, you're bound to hook into some great trout with the Plan C Caddis.

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