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The Perdigonomid is exactly what the name implies: a Perdigon-style Chironomid pattern. We first tied this fly to imitate the large Chironomids present on Hebgen Lake that trout find irresistible, particularly in the springtime. Perdigon flies have proven deadly on our local rivers, but we hadn’t seen any patterns tied for stillwater using this material. Black, red, and white has often proven to be a productive color combination on Hebgen, so that’s where we started, and the fly was an instant hit. In the time since, we’ve fished it quite a bit on our local rivers, too, to imitate the smaller midges that trout feed on all year there, also with great success. Fish it anywhere trout feed on midges, and we’re confident that the Perdigonomid will produce.


If you are interested in tying the Perdigonomid, click here to check out our How To video.

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