Fishpond Fishpond Nomad Mid-Length Net
Fishpond Fishpond Nomad Mid-Length Net

Fishpond Nomad Mid-Length Net

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Fishpond's River Armor finish is a composite of carbon fiber, fiberglass, and Kevlar, making this net even more durable than the original Nomad's already stellar track record for longevity. The Mid-Length Net is perfect for situations that require extra reach, whether wading or fishing from a float tube, canoe or kayak. Like all Nomad nets, it floats when dropped in the water, and comes standard with a rubber net bag. The handle also has a handy tape measure on it, so you'll know just how big that fish of a lifetime is.


  • 37" overall length

  • 13" x 18" hoop

  • Rubber net bag is 12" deep

  • Weight: 1 pound

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