Shakey Variant


The Shakey Beeley has been our most popular soft hackle pattern here at BRF for many years, and while it's not necessarily a difficult fly to tie, it is a bit time-consuming. Bucky devised this twist on the classic Shakey to help make the fly a little simpler and quicker to tie. And even though it has long been pigeon-holed as a fly solely for fall runners, Bucky fishes it all summer long on the Madison, with plenty of success.



Hook: Tiemco 3761 Size 10

Thread & Rib: $3 Dip Brown 6/0 Danville

Tail: Lemon Wood Duck Flank

Abdomen: Amber Superfine Dubbing

Thorax: Orange Ice Dub

Hackle: Ruffed Grouse


Tying Instructions

Step 1: Begin wrapping thread and lay an even thread base back to the bend. Tie in wood duck fibers for the tail, slightly shorter than the length of the shank.

Step 2: Make a large loop with your tying thread and tie off at the base of the tail. These two strands of thread will form the rib.

Step 3: Dub a tapered abdomen forward, about three-quarters of the way up the shank.

Step 4: Twist the two strands of thread together for the rib and wrap forward evenly, about five turns. Tie off and trim excess.

Step 5: Make a small dub loop and fill with orange Ice Dub. Spin the loop and wrap forward to form a shaggy thorax, stopping just behind the eye.

Step 6: Tie in a ruffed grouse feather by the stem and wrap several turns to form the collar. Leave some of the fluff at the base of the feather for a more full collar if desired.



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