BRF Fly Selection - Soft Hackles
BRF Fly Selection - Soft Hackles

BRF Fly Selection - Soft Hackles

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Soft hackles are very enjoyable to fish and also extremely effective, and we’ve been huge fans of fishing soft hackled wet flies for many years. Few flies are as versatile, as fish will take them on the swing, nymphed deep, or dead drifted in the film. From spring through fall, we won’t hit the river without a healthy stash of soft hackles in our vests and packs.


With this selection, we’ve put all of our favorite patterns together into one box, giving you the perfect combination of flies to tackle any fishing situation. There are small flies for matching tiny midges and Baetis, a few big ones for large fall runners, and a bunch of in between sizes for matching caddis and mayflies, or for just searching the water for the most active fish.


This selection includes two each of the following dozen patterns, labeled and organized in a BRF Fly Box: Peacock & Starling, Nick's Soft Hackle Brown, Hot Spot Soft Hackle Orange, Tungsten Pheasant Tail Soft Hackle, Partridge & Orange, March Brown Spider, Shakey Beeley, Yellowstone Soft Hackle, Soft Hackle Perdigon Olive, Baetis Soft Hackle, PMD Soft Hackle, Hot Spot Soft Hackle Purple.

As always, if you need a custom selection different from what you see here, give us a call at 406-646-7642.

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